The emphasis on creation of domestic
and overseas demand, distribution of robots,
and innovative cooperation
among related agencies.

Hello, I'm Moon Jun-il, president of the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement. Thank you for visiting our website.

The "International Federation of Robotics" (IFR) predicted an average annual growth rate of 17 percent for manufacturing robots worldwide and for service robots to reach a combined market size of $45.7 billion by 2020.

In this global trend, countries around the world are strengthening their policies to foster the robot industry to preempt the new robot market. And the flow of global conglomerates, which are aware of the high growth and market potential of the robot industry, is intensifying competition.

An economic powers in particular, is making progress to the level that threatens us, hastening its steps to be a leader in the global robotics industry with its massive financial power and huge domestic market.

On the other hand, the domestic robot industry is comprised of the large device industry such as automobiles and semiconductors and the service robots are in the early stage of market formation.

Especially, due to the high dependence of core components on overseas markets and the delicate domestic demand based item, it is difficult to establish a virtuous cycle structure from "product development and investment" to "production and export."

In the light of the current situation, we will timely present our robot industry policies and strive to fulfill our mission as an institution to create the infrastructure for robot industry and to provide timely business support.

First, we will timely find policies, implement laws and systems to meet the needs and rapidly changing market conditions. We will lead the creation and expansion of the robot market through innovative collaboration with related agencies and market-oriented policy exploration.

Second, we will take the lead in generating demand through the expansion of the industrial demand base. We will actively pursue supply projects focusing on promising candidates who will gain competitive edge in the global market, and create demand by finding successful models in the public sector in Korea.

finally, in order to actively support the advancement of domestic robot companies into overseas markets, we will strive to find emerging markets by opening robot and corporate public relations centers in areas where new demand is expected.
Through on-site management, we will thoroughly understand the needs of our customers and make efforts to help their success. We will meet with customers (companies, government, people) and groups of experts in industry, science, and listen to the voices of the field and actively reflect them in our policies and projects. We will continue to serve as the control tower for fostering the robot industry by solidifying the system of cooperation with related agencies.

Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.

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