The emphasis on creation of domestic
and overseas demand, distribution of robots,
and innovative cooperation
among related agencies.

Robot industry of South Korea preparing for the future

The world is innovating industries for digital and green transitions and continues to foster robots in the manufacturing field. In addition, the roles played by service robots as mediators among people are becoming increas ingly important in the age of low birthrate, aging, and contact-free.

In particular, robots have come into the spotlight with various new technologies like digital twin, digital transformation, and blockchain.

KIRIA aims to build a future-oriented manufacturing environment through the robot industry, create a smart society, and drive the digital transition of the government.

By supporting robot policies based on diverse social and economic issues, KIRIA will continue to foster the robot industry led by the private sector and supported by the government. Also, KIRIA will conduct testing, evaluation, certification, and standardization so Korean robots can be at the center of the world.

With this purpose, KIRIA will strive to become a control tower of the robot industry by cooperating with industrial bodies, academic circles, research centers, the private sector, the government, and the military.

'Good robots' for people, value of being together'

KIRIA joins the efforts of the robot industry to prepare for the future of South Korea.

Thank you.

president name and sign,chief of KIRIA Jeon-il,moon