Core Business 02

Creating a Robotics Ecosystem Driven by a Virtuous Cycle

Promoting robotics technology convergence and use of robot products

  • KIRIA is accelerating the commercialization of developed products by creating demand-centered business models and opening new market for robot products

    the sight of a human being on a robot

    Robot pilot program or market creation

    Robot Demonstration Image

    Technology commercialization promotion project

  • KIRIA nurtures talented robotics professional and spreads robotics culture by holding a contest for creativity and technology convergence, as well as operating experiential education programs for the underpriviled

    participants in a robot contest

    International Robot Contest(IRC)

    Children are playing with robots

    Creative robotics education

  • KIRIA is working to expand the foundation of the robotics industry in order to enable its continuous growth by supporting robotics –related companies and promoting convergence of robotics technology with core local industries

    Presentation on the Robot Industry

    Supporting the foundation and expansion of robotics companies

    Workshop Commemorative Photography

    Promoting local robotics companies